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Glass Mosaic Tiles

Mosaics, works of art of surface decorations, composed of variously coloured small pieces of glass, stone, ceramics, or other materials. Although mosaic decoration is most frequently found on floors and wall and ceiling surfaces, closely set coloured components, or tesserae, may also be applied to sculptures, panels, and other objects.

Glass mosaics allows the designer an unbelievable, first of its kind, palette of colours and textures creating stunning visual effects covering most architectural needs. It allows them to articulate their dreams into reality and create glass architecture whether it is in outdoor places such as railway / bus stations, airports, swimming pools, commercial places, hotels, etc.; or indoor places like hotel lobbies, restaurants, coffee shops, bathrooms, kitchens, porches, discotheques, jacuzzi / spa rooms, etc. Palladio Mosaics are most suitable for the decoration of wall surfaces and floors meant for low traffic area. The product inspires designers to explore and give imaginative touch to their creations leaving individual stamp of magnificence and grandeur.

The mosaics enable to capture the mood succinctly. The wide range of colours blend with the environment easily. When required they can be made to stand out strikingly. The presence of avventurina and enamels animate the environment with the strategically located lights.

Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified Tiles have revolutionized the flooring industry and become the preferred choice not just in India but in the global arena as well. Composition of raw material such as finest ball clay from Ukraine combined with latest production technology in one of the most accurate temperature controlled Kilns up to 1200 degree C makes Tiles completely vitrified with moisture absorption below 0.05%. Super White tiles are based on use of the best technology. Spotlessly White Vitrified Tiles add immense class to any room that needs to make a statement. Euro Vitrified Tiles are designed to last, perfectly flat, stain free, abrasion resistant, non-porous, intensely vitrified and extremely consistent in terms colour, strength and other properties.

Modern technology and innovation are given maximum priority with variety of designs and shades.  The accurate recreation of natural stones combined with technical performance of hardwearing material, which is resistant to stains, abrasion, heavy loads etc. make Vitrified Tiles ideal choice for major applications like Commercial Complexes, Residential, Retail, IT Parks etc.  Euro Ceramics ensures that size and flatness of each Euro Vitrified Tiles are according to most stringent EN standards by having computerized size and flatness sorting system.  Because of this consistency and thickness, Vitrified Tiles can be laid in a simple and fast manner unlike the natural stones. 

Roofing Tiles

“In a country such as India, where it falls a lot of rain in a short period of time, it is key that roofs are performing to evacuate quickly and safely (for the building it protects) this water. Any risk of leakage has to be avoided. In addition, if the roof can bring comfort by reducing the heat impact during sunny period, in an aesthetic way, it is a plus. Our range of products (tiles, fittings and roof components), combined with our worldwide expertise in pitched roofs, bring protection, aesthetics and comfort to roofs.”

Lafarge Roofing India has therefore developed specific solutions of pitched roof that offer protection, comfort and aesthetic for the Indian market and wishes that a maximum of builders and home owners can benefit from these solutions, supported by our unique worldwide expertise.

In parallel, dedicated trainings program are regularly conducted for roofer teams in order to have a perfect laying of these products on top of your projects.

Natural Stones

Different types of stones are classified according to their mineral content and the process of their formation. Good stones are characterized by durability and hardness, strength, amenability to dressing, appearance, weight, fineness of grain and compactness and porosity and absorption. In order to be suitable as building stone, a rock should have specific qualities such as capacity to stand the ravages of time and weather, requisite strength to bear strain and super-incumbent weight and attractive colour' and general appearance. Its structure must also be such as to allow quarrying into good sized blocks or planes. It should possess inherent features such as joints and (in sedimentary rocks) bedding planes.

Sandstone is an etheral beauty, which is formed by the combination of sand tightly held together by natural cement such as silica. Available in sandstone tiles, sandstone blocks, sandstone slabs etc. Firepoof, non-slip natural sandstones, these are usually meant for wall cladding and flooring because of their decorative outlook, but they can also be used for enhancing the beauty of both interiors as well as exteriors of your home.

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