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PVC Flooring

Our PVC vinyl floor tiles are widely using in residence, shopping mall, restaurant, office, school, kindergarten, hospital, beadhouse, library and other public place.

Varied grades of PVC compounds for use as soft and rigid products, automotive components and bottles that will cater to and satisfy customer needs in specified fields.

Our PVC floor tile has the following advantages:

  • Soft and resilient
  • Absorbs impact
  • Non-skid/anti-slip
  • Weather Proof
  • Absorbs sound
  • Highly durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Ideal for various indoor/outdoor applications
  • Resistant to petrol, oil, solvent and acid
  • Withstands all kinds of footwear
  • Environmental friendly
  • Beveled edges for easy drainage
  • Superb appearance
  • Drains moisture easily
  • Cement Concrete Tiles

    An exclusive designer range of heavy-duty floor tiles for pavements, driveways, carparks, garden pathways, anti-skid areas like ramps, swimming pool decks, sitouts, corridors & step system-in residential, commercial constructions and public areas.

  • A reputed and proven brand renowned for the best range and quality.
  • All crafted in concrete, polished and ready to be laid.
  • Available in a splash of exciting colours, and in tune with vivid and vibrant tastes and     architecture.
  • Each Ultra Tile is the ultimate expression of the ultra design concept, in its subtle texture,     from and gracefulness.
  • Embellished with perfectly champhered edges and the functional recess which enhance the     aesthetic elegance and utility value of our homes.
  • Advantages:

  • Pre-polished and ready to lay, resulting in big savings for Architects and Builders in terms of     cost and time.
  • Easy to maintain, self cleaning chambered joints - a revolution in tiling industry.
  • Anti-skid surface with higher wear-resistance and impact-resistence.
  • Compressive strength of 650 Kgs/Sq.Cm.
  • Acrylic Based Solid Surface

    Acrylic based solid surface material ideal for many applications, from kitchen tops to bathroom vanities wheelchair showers, shower pans, accessible assisted living bathtubs, safety grab bars, shower seats, access ramps, and other unique bathroom and home accessories and from hotel reception areas to fast food counters.

    Remarkable Features and advantage of solid surface:

  • Solid surface makes for longevity of maintenance-free and durable beauty.
  • Extremely good durability , anti-impact and anti-infiltration material.
  • Anti-stain and grime-resistant, makes for lifetime of easy maintenance.
  • Non-porous, scratch resistance and non-inflammable.
  • Anti-mildew or germ and high temperature-resistant.
  • High density,solid surface without bubbles and blemishes.
  • Over hundreds of color and patterns is available for your demand
  • It is very easy to install, flex, cut and chip at your wish.
  • Standard specification: 3680x760x12.3mm, 3070x760x12.3mm, 2440x760x12.3
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