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Artificial Grass

Lawn is something so common in our lives that we take its very existence and rampant use for granted, but have we ever realised the amount of time and money spent over it. Well!.. we have no choice, an unkept lawn makes the house look ugly. Wouldn't you pray to have a perfect lawn all year around without any maintenance?

Magicturf™ in many ways is the perfect answer to your prayers; with new technologies in synthetic developments, it is close to impossible to differentiate between a well-kept natural lawn and Magicturf.

Magicturf™ not only closely mimic all the characteristics of real grass, but also pay particular attention to the UV testing; UV rays are major cause of failure in any synthetic grass system. We use the highest quality and quantity of fiber. Magicturf™ is safer, stronger, softer, and more natural than any similar product.

The Magic of Magicturf™ is that it can transform wasted roof space into an urban retreat or a muddy garden into a lushly maintenance free lawn. If you have areas, where you have to struggle to grow real grass and you are not eager to see mud and weeds day in and day out - Magicturf™ IS THE BEST OPTION.

Due to change in climate and scarcity of water, it is inevitable that most homeowners will be facing water problems. The environment agency has advised not to water the lawn due to shortage and as a water saving measure. However, this does not mean the end to lush green lawn - you always have Magicturf™ to depend on.

Advantages of Magicturf™ over Natural Grass:

  • No Watering: Saves water
  • No Mowing: Saves time & money
  • No Fertilizer & Pesticides: Environment Friendly
  • Light weight: Structurally Safe
  • UV Treated: High resistance to fading
  • Advantages of Magicturf™ over synthetic turf:

  • Comfort: Feels and looks like perfect grass lawn
  • Softness: Magicturf is designed as the new standard in artificial grass. Its fiber is 50% softer     than common synthetic grass.
  • Safety: The combination of the quality material and technology ensures safety.
  • Durability: Magicturf offers twice the durability. The fibers have the ability to stretch and     thus do not break.
  • Denser: - 25 stiches/10cms.
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Wooden Flooring

    Wooden Hardwood Flooring:

    Elegant, timeless and evergreen, these are 18mm thick solid wood made from finest exotic seasoned wood precisely milled and pre-finished. The solid wood is available in natural and stained colours. Easy to maintain and easy to install, solid wood is used in all kinds of residential and commercial Projects.

    The Solid wood can be re-polished after a few years of use, giving it a brand new look. Combining natural beauty and superior durability, solid wood flooring are recognized for its beauty, high level of performance and overall value.

    Wooden Laminate Flooring:

    Our Laminate floring panels are abrasion tested according to European standards to meet customer requirements. AC 3 grade panels are suitable for residential areas and AC 4 grade panels are suitable for commercial areas.

    The thickness of these wood based HDF is 8.2mm.

    Play Ground Equipments Park


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